July 09, 2020

Garten Brings Well-being to Work

With unprecedented shifts in the workplace today, Garten (previously known as Oh My Green) recognizes that now, more than ever, health is top of mind for employers. Many are looking for ways to support all aspects of their employees’ well-being, whether on-site or off. Garten provides healthy food delivery to offices and to employees working remotely; on-site chefs; and in-office and virtual wellness classes.

Office rebranded Garten to reflect their vision to bring well-being to work, including a visual identity system, packaging, photography, and uniforms. See the full case study.

Office Garten Wildposting
Office Garten Logo Breakdown
Office Garten Photography - Snacks
Office Garten Photography - Coffee Bags
Office Garten Photography - Blueberry
Office Garten Photography - Spread
Office Garten Photography - Spread - Teal
Office Garten Photography - Breakfast
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