July 20, 2021

Blending Centuries-Old Tradition with Modern Design

SkLO creates one-of-a-kind glass light fixtures and sculptural objects that can be seen in many of the world’s top hotels, restaurants, retailers and residences. Designed in SkLO’s Northern California studio, the products are handblown in the Czech Republic in the tradition of glass artistry that dates as far back as the Renaissance.

SkLO balances a refined, modern design sensibility with a deep respect for craft and for the richness of the materials they use. There’s an inherent unexpectedness in Czech glassblowing that each product embodies, with subtle irregularities that make it a unique reflection of its heritage.

The team invited Office to help tell their story in a way that would honor their balance of elevated modern design and timeless craft tradition. We evolved the visual identity and reimagined the website as a virtual showroom, aiming to inspire interior designers and architects as they discover SkLO products. The new expressions of the brand pay homage to the rich history of Czech glassblowing, while establishing SkLO as a leader in modern glass design. See the full case study here.

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