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April 05, 2021

La Cocina Opens Country’s First Women-Led Food Hall

Today, La Cocina is opening the country’s first women-led food hall in the heart of San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. The 7,000 square foot La Cocina Municipal Marketplace offers economic opportunity to low-income women of color and immigrants, as well as a safe, accessible space with healthy and affordable meals for Tenderloin residents. We’re hopeful that, post-pandemic, the marketplace becomes a replicable economic development model for cities across the nation.

The Office team brought La Cocina’s visual identity, which we had created previously, into the new space. With a goal of expressing La Cocina’s vibrancy and cultural richness, we developed environmental designs that reinforce the organization’s aim to cultivate food entrepreneurs and help them take flight. This includes a 6-foot neon La Cocina bird, a floor-to-ceiling installation of oversized spoon art, and a wall of posters in different languages heard throughout the neighborhood. The space was a collaboration with LMNOP Design.

Office LaCocina Marketplace Logo
Office LaCocina Marketplace Spoon Mural

Photo: courtesy of Erin Ng

Office LaCocina Marketplace Posters
Office La Cocina Marketplace Pallet 3

Photo: courtesy of Erin Ng

Office LaCocina Marketplace Neon 2

Photo: courtesy of Erin Ng

Office LaCocina Marketplace Portraits 3

Photos: courtesy of Erin Ng

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