Building a New Market

Evernote is a leading organizational app with more than 200 million users worldwide. The team engaged Office to help launch Evernote Market — an online storefront with physical products designed to complement the app.

Office Evernote 2 A Poster 1420x1800
Office Evernote 2 B Poster 1420x1800

The 100-year start up

Office started by extending Evernote's visual system to allow for visually rich and distinctive brand executions.

We created a series of art posters centered on core Evernote cultural beliefs, tagged with a customized seal that’s based on the company’s quest to build “the 100-year startup.” These executions incorporated different visual styles to reflect the wide range of Evernote users. The artwork became part of the Evernote headquarters’ design, as well as products that Evernote fans around the world purchased.

Office Evernote 3 Emboss
Office Evernote 4 A Poster 1420x1800
Office Evernote 4 B 1420x1800
Office Evernote 5 A Poster 1420x1800
Office Evernote 5 B Poster 1420x1800
Office Evernote 6 Type Pattern
Office Evernote 7 A Poster 1420x1800
Office Evernote 7 B Poster 1420x1800
Office Evernote 8 Posters

Noteworthy by Evernote

Noteworthy by Evernote is a product collection and physical storefront located in Evernote’s headquarters lobby. Office developed the identity and narrative to help people understand why an app company is making physical goods: "Noteworthy by Evernote is a curated collection of exceptional products that satisfy our desires for greater ease and efficiency. Whether they make us better at what we do or let us do more, these are the things we’d hate to live without."

Using the new visual vocabulary developed for the brand, we designed covers for Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine, which are made to work with the company’s app.

Office Evernote 9 A Logo
Office Evernote 9 B Book
Office Evernote 10 Market
Office Evernote 11 A Signage
Office Evernote 11 B Retail Market

Evernote Market reached $1 million in sales in just one month after launch, making the new marketplace responsible for 30 percent of the company’s monthly sales.

Office Evernote 12 TShirt
Office Evernote 13 TShirt
Office Evernote 14_Moleskin

Project Scope

Brand Story
Visual identity system extension
Retail & Enviroment