Bringing well-being to work

Garten, previously known as corporate food delivery company Oh My Green, rebranded to reflect its broader vision to provide well-being services to businesses.

With unprecedented shifts in the workplace today, Garten recognizes that now, more than ever, health is top of mind for employers. Many are looking for ways to support all aspects of their employees’ well-being, whether on-site or off. Garten offers healthy food delivery to offices and to employees working remotely; on-site chefs; and in-office and virtual wellness classes.

The idea for the company was seeded in the garden of founder Michael Heinrich’s German grandmother, where he learned about the power of food to fuel the mind and body. Garten (the German word for garden) pays homage to the roots of the company.

Garten asked Office to capture the spirit of the brand in developing a new visual identity system, packaging, photography, brand guidelines, and uniforms.

Office Garten Wildposting
Office Garten Logo Breakdown
Office Garten Logo - Color Variations
Office Garten Photography - Snacks
Office Garten Photography - Coffee Bags
Office Garten Photography - Spread
Office Garten Photography - Fruit Plates
Office Garten Logo - wth Granola
Office Garten Photography - Spread - Teal
Office Garten Photography - Coffee Machine
Office Garten Photography - Breakfast
Office Garten Icon Library
Office Garten Photography - Fruit Yoghurt
I've been doing this for over thirty years, and Office is the best-ever design agency partner. Brilliant visual artists, straight-talking strategists, and true business partners. I could not recommend them more.
Suzanne Sengelmann, Chief Brand Officer, Garten
Office Garten Photography - Laptop

Project Scope

Design strategy
Visual identity system
Art direction/photography
Brand guidelines