Revolutionizing digital assets

Tari is developing a new open source blockchain protocol that will make it easier to manage and monetize digital assets. Scalable for businesses, the platform creates huge opportunities for event ticketing, gaming, loyalty programs and beyond.

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A new visual identity

Office collaborated with the team to design Tari's new identity and yet-to-be released cryptocurrency. The logo is an abstract gem that incorporates a Tari “T,” representing the digital treasures issued on the platform. The visual system is made up of 3D gems that are a nod to cryptocurrency mining, and represent the vast range of digital assets that can be managed with Tari. The futuristic vibe fits the aspirations of the company to help industries reimagine the future.

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Office should be the go-to agency for founders. They understand what goes into starting a company or a movement, and how to help shape it. There’s nothing like seeing your project brought to life visually for the first time, and Office captured it perfectly.
Naveen Jain, Co-Founder, Tari
Office Tari Identity
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Project Scope

Design strategy
Visual identity system
Website visual design
Brand guidelines