Whole Body

Building a destination

Recognizing that many people care as much about what they put on their bodies as what they put in them, Whole Foods Market asked Office to help build the “Whole Body” brand.

The goal was to create a destination where customers can discover the best body care products that meet the high-quality standards that Whole Foods is known for. Office developed the brand strategy, visual identity system and signage, as well as concepts for store-within-store design, packaging, merchandising and marketing.

Office WholeBody Branding 1

Finding the right natural body care products and supplements can be confusing, so we also focused the work on educating customers, to help them make informed decisions. Ultimately, we wanted them to understand that they can trust Whole Body for an incredibly curated collection of personal care products that are effective and safe.

Office WholeBody Branding 2
Office WholeBody Signage

The elevated look and feel reflects the premium nature of the products, and is aligned with the branding that Office previously developed for Whole Foods. Unlike shopping for groceries, however, shopping for Whole Body products is highly personal. The branding reflects this with a quieter visual system that's beautifully expressive, and with packaging that’s covetable and giftable.

Office WholeBody Giftcards
Office WholeBody Pattern
Office WholeBody GiftBox
Office WholeBody Branding 3
Office WholeBody Tote
Office WholeBody Branding 4
Office WholeBody Branding 5
Office WholeBody Postcard

Project Scope

Brand strategy
Brand story
Messaging & brand voice
Visual identity system
Social media strategy
Retail environment
Brand guidelines